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You Need Advice From A Professional

Wouldn't it be nice to have a Pro to show you his tricks?

Dear Friend,

For over 50 years, I have fished the professional Bass Fishing circuit. I've won over a million dollars, 5 Ranger Bass Boats, and a new truck, had my own Fishing and Outdoors Television Show, been featured in numerous trade magazines, including Field & Stream. Heck, they even put my picture on the front of the “Bass Fisherman's Bible”. I've been around a little bit. My name is Ron Yurko, and I have lived, eaten, and breathed Bass Fishing since I was a kid. I've fished every lake, pond and drainage ditch from the Great Lakes to the Keys. I've taught “Bassology 101” as a college course, and charged exorbitant amounts of money to take people fishing with me, to show them the hot spots and some neat tricks. 

I'm not saying all this to brag,

(well, maybe a little, but I've earned the right)

but the point is, I'm 71 years old now,

and while I still love to drown a cricket every chance I get,

I want to pass on some of my hard-earned knowledge and expertise to other lovers of the sport.

So, I wrote a book.

In it, I tell all the closely-guarded secrets that only a very lucky few have been privy to.

I spill the beans on some tried and tested techniques that have taken years to perfect, and basically coax the “Professional Fisherman” out of each and every reader as if they were co-angler in a tournament.

Wouldn't you love to know the secrets to:

Here's what one customer said...

Practice, practice, practice and attention to details. Those things made Ron the very best Bass Fisherman in Ohio. Along with a 507 reel and a little brown jig! Great book!

David Joseph, Keeper and Repair-Master of the ABU 507 reels.

Ph: 330-494-4800
email: Djoseph@sssnet.com

Fish Different! Ron Yurko's Secrets To Bass Fishing Success

This book answers all the questions above, and plenty more.

The stuff that's in here is broken down into easy to remember “Rules” with catchy names, like

Thin to Feed, Deep to Sleep”

Even in a caffeine-deprived stupor, at noon on an unfamiliar lake, these little phrases will come back to you like magic fairies, whispering the Secrets to Bass Fishing into your ears.  

Did I mention I taught a college course on Bass Fishing?

My point in repeating this fact is that I'm not only well known as one of the Best Bass Fishermen in the United States, I'm also good at teaching others how to do what I do.

Think like a fish

If you're ready to up your game and reel 'em in like a Pro,


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Fish Different!

Ron Yurko's Secrets to Bass Fishing

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  • over a Million Dollars in Tournaments

  • 5 Bass Boats

  • A New Truck

  • Countless Trophies and Awards

  • Bragging Rights across the Nation.

If you're not completely satisfied with the wealth of

knowledge and information jam-packed into this ebook,

let me know within 14 days, and I'll give you back . . .

Every Red Cent!

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